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Locally Execute HTTP and GraphQL API Requests

HTTP request

Features at a Glance:

JavaScript with native fetch
HTTP request using fetch

HTTP Requests are build using native Browser APIs with native fetch.

HTTP Request to retrieve a Token
HTTP request to retrieve a token

HTTP request to retrieve a token.

Environment variables to set the token on development and production environments

The response of a HTTP request can be set to an environment variable. Here the token response is set on the development and production environments.

HTTP request using the token in the header of the final request

Use the token value in the header of the final request.

Secrets file with a password

A Secrets file behaves identical to an Environment Variables file. In contrast to any other files, Secrets files are saved encrypted via AES-GCM on the file system. The corresponding secrets.key file is generated automatically when a project is initially saved.

HTTP Request which uses the secret

All Environment Variables files and all Secrets files are merged into one globally available env object.

File Based Projects
Requestor project files in the terminal

Projects are saved as plain files (i.e. .js and .txt). Secrets files are saved encrypted via AES-GCM with an automatically generated secrets.key file.

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